Monday, April 27, 2009

Carabeara Kane is SIX months old!!!!

When did this happen? This was a big month for you bear! Your first two teeth cut at the same time (overachiever!)and you are eating so much better! Still not a fan of the green veggies (you get that from me), but you are diggin the orange veggies and the fruits. You are rolling all over the place and have even started to scoot backwards. You can sit for about 30 seconds without toppling over. And just like your brothers, you love to be outside. The other day I went to head outside and made it to the door before I realized I forgot my shades. I went inside and you yelped out! As soon as we were back out the door, you were happy as a clam. On a not so positive note, you had not one but TWO ear infections this month. The last ear infection had a sinus infection to go along with it. You aren't letting it slow you down though. The Doctor said that you were the happiest baby she had ever seen. I think you have allergies which is causing your congestion which caused your ear infections. We will ask the doctor at your well check next week. You were weighed yesterday day at urgent care and the doctor said you are 17 pounds and some change. Also your Daddy and I think you can talk. Gifted! I thought I heard you repeat "ok" after me the other day but I thought I was crazy. Then Daddy said that he thought you said it to him so I told him my story as well. :) We love you Caroline!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a great Easter this year. On Wednesday night, we did a Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kids in the cul-de-sac. We did the little kids in Burt and Angie's backyard and the big kids in the Robbins and Jacksons backyard. We grilled out beforehand and it was a really fun night. We are definitely going to make it a yearly tradition! Easter morning we got up and searched for eggs. Then we gathered at the gazebo for our yearly Easter picture with the kids. This year the adults got in on the fun and we got a great group shot. One of the many perks of having a professional photographer as your neighbor. :) After pictures we came home and had a big Easter breakfast before heading off to church. It has been so nice at Mass recently. All three of the kids have been rockstars, so we get to stay in the big church for the entire Mass and are not stuck in the cryroom. After Mass we headed to my parents for Easter lunch. It was fantastic! Sorry for the bazillion pictures!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Since we had a weekend off baseball, we decided to head up to Athens for G-Day. G-Day is the scrimage game Georgia plays each spring. We left early Saturday morning and headed up to Athens. We drove around for awhile and showed the kids where we got married, where we used to live and where Jack was born. Nate and I got lunch from our favorite place in college and then headed to North Campus to tailgate. The boys had a blast playing in the magnolia trees and throwing the football. Carebear chilled in her stroller and was an absolute angel. She even fell asleep on me in the stadium. It was one of my favorite days as a family.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lots of Posts Today

I went back to work on the 16th and have totally neglected the blog! I went back to work at my old company and love it. I am doing sales now and am really enjoying what I do. I work part time Monday through Friday and am able to get Jack off the bus everyday at 2:30. Ben and Caroline go to Bonnie's. Ben gets picked up T, W, TH by a girl in his preschool class. It is such an ideal situation and I am so lucky that it has turned out this way. After two days (no joke) at Bonnie Bootcamp, Caroline is on a fantastic schedule! She sleeps the majority of the time she is there so she is happy and well-rested and ready to play when I come and get her in the afternoons. When I get her out of the pack 'n' play at Bonnie's she always has the biggest smile which makes my day. Hope you enjoy the marathon post below. When I re-read over the posts I always feel like they sound so cheesy, so I tried to type less and post more pictures!

Fun Spring Weekend

The weather in the Atlanta area has been miserable the past couple of weeks. I feel like we live in Seattle. Since the weather was nice this weekend, we tried to remain outdoors as much as possible. On Saturday both of the boys had games. Ben played at 9 and Jack's team pulled out a W in the last inning. In between games I had to work the concession stand so Nate took all three of them to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt by himself. (He also let them dress themselves ;)). They had a blast. On Sunday, we went to church and then to the park. The kids were rockstars at Mass. For you Catholics--we sat in the pew (no cryroom) for the entire reading of the Passion! We are trying to get Caroline used to hats. As you can tell, they are not her favorite things.

Play Ball!

The boys are playing baseball again this year. Even though it makes our lives even busier that before, Nate and I love it! This year Nate is an Assistant Coach for both of the boys teams. Nate played all sorts of sports growing up and you can tell he feels at home on the field. So far the kids are enjoying having him out there. ;)To kick off the season this year, they had a parade on Friday night. Each team decorated a vehicle and they closed down downtown Canton. Caroline chilled on a blanket the whole time. On Saturday, since it was the first game of the season, the kids lined up along the baseline while their names were announced over the loudspeaker. They also read the Dizzy Dean Prayer(we so live in the country) and played the National Anthem. Jack's game was supposed to start at 8, but since all of the games were running late his game did not start until 9:45! PM! Of course it went into extra innings and they didn't get home until almost midnight. My parents came so that my Mom could stay home with Ben and Caroline and my Dad and I went to the game. We stayed for a couple of innings, but left a little early so that my parents wouldn't have to drive an hour home in the middle of the night. We have had a lot of games that have been rained out so we will probably be playing make up games until JULY!!!

Carebear is FIVE Months Old?!?!

Time is just flying by with Caroline! Thankfully she is changing sizes with the seasons. As Spring arrives, we are moving out of our 3 to 6 month winter clothes and into our 6 to 12 month spring clothes. She has such a great personality and loves being the center of attention. We started solids right before she turned 5 months and she is not the biggest fan! We are probably going to hold off until 6 months when she seems more interested. I was in such a hurry with the boys, but with her I am trying to keep her baby for as long as possible! Caroline loves to roll all over the place and is constantly sticking whatever she can reach in her mouth. However we still don't have teeth yet! Bathtime is still her favorite part of the day. She is trying to hold her bottles by herself (which I am refusing to let her do ;)) and is loving her exersaucer, bumbo, and johnny jumper. A couple of days ago, I was giving her big exaggerated kisses while making the "mwah" sound. The next thing I know she is grabing my cheeks to pull me in for a kiss and she makes the same "mwah" sound back at me. What a smart baby! The boys are still facinated with her and continue to be great brothers. Here are some fun pictures of the last month.