Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hilton Head July 2008

We got to spend an entire week at the beach with my extended family. My parents were there as well as Bridget, Patrick and Joe. Also, my Aunts and Uncles were in town from Pennsylvania. We all used to come down together when I was younger and it was nice to continue that tradition with my kids. We missed Michael, Holly, and Jen but hopefully they will make it down next year. We stayed in a cute two bedroom villa. We could walk to several resturants and were right across the street from the beach. We spent a lot of time at the place my parents stayed. It had a private pool and the walk to the beach was easier with the kids. Speaking of the walk to the beach, I have to mention how great Nate was carrying all of the kids stuff back and forth from the beach everyday. As you can see in the pictures below, we had a lot of stuff to bring! The weather was pretty good. We had a couple of rainy afternoons. Besides going to the beach and pool, we also went putt putting and went to the Children's Musuem. Which, if anyone visits Hilton Head and the weather is not that great, I highly recommend the Children's Musuem. It is called The Sandbox and it was awesome. We were there for hours and the kids did not want to leave. My favorite part of the trip (besides seeing family), was going into Harbor Town to hear Gregg Russell sing. When we were younger, my Dad and my Uncles would take all of the kids into Harbor Town to hear Gregg Russell sing. Since he is still there, we were able to take the boys. I tried to do a slideshow with the pictures, but my computer was not cooperating so here are a couple of my favorites:

Little Bean Update

I had my monthly check up on Monday and everything looked great. The baby was super active and my midwife had a hard time getting the heart rate since the bean was all over the place. I am measuring 24 weeks exactly which is great. Also I apparently gained 7 pounds last month! For those of you keeping track, that is 6 pounds weeks 0 to 20 and 7 pounds weeks 21 through 24. Remind me never to make an appointment after a week at the beach again:) I will post pictures from our beach trip later today or tomorrow. Also Ella Grace (our friends Karley and Skipper's baby) should be making her appearance today. I can't wait to meet her!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July Fourth in Tifton

For July Fourth Weekend, we headed down to see Nate's parents in South Georgia. We got in around 9 on Thursday night and pretty much went straight to bed. The next morning we woke up and met Grandpa and Uncle Jeremy in Florida so that we could go fishing on Grandpa's boat. The boys had an absolute blast. We stayed out for about four and a half hours. Nobody really caught anything, but the boys had so much fun jumping in off the side and swimming with Daddy. The only part they did not like was that we made them wear their life jackets the entire time. Neither of them have ever used anything like that in the pool, so it took a minute to get used to.

On Saturday, it was time for Abbigail's birthday party. She had it at a bowling alley, which was great because the boys have never played before. They had so much fun and now that is what Jack wants to do for his birthday party. Afterwards Abbigail, Uncle Matt, Aunt Stacie, Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Amy all came over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. The kids favorite part was the ice cream that they made from scratch with Grandma.

We are headed out to Hilton Head this morning to go spend a week at the beach with my side of the family. Have a great week!