Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tubes: Take Two

So 15% of children who get tubes have to get a second set. Guess who is in that 15%? The Bear! We went in on December 28th--shockingly we had already met our deductable for 2009. ;)Caroline has been to the doctor and ENT enough to know that when someone with brightly colored clothes and a clipboard in their hand calls your name, nothing good is going to happen. She cried as soon as they took us to her pre-op room. And she didn't stop until they bumped our surgery up(Probably at the request of the other patients). Since she was so upset, they asked me to come back while they put her under. ALL PARENTS TAKE NOTE--NEVER, EVER, EVER GO BACK WHEN THEY PUT YOUR CHILD UNDER. EVER. It was horrible. I walked into the OR and lost it. Her ENT looked at me and said, "Really not helping much Mom." Hopefully I will never have to do that again.


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