Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am joining a gym...

So now you all know about it. Please ask me about it when you see me as to encourage me to actually go to said gym.
On the Jack and Ben front, things are going great. Jack got his report card home this week and he did awesome. His teacher wrote such nice things, I actually cried. I don't know what happened but I never cried pre-kids and now I am like Niagra Falls on a weekly basis. He is doing so well reading. It is really neat to have him read bedtime stories these days. Ben is continuing to be a total ham. He is truly one of the most spirited kids I have ever met. He can throw the biggest tantrum one minute and then be super sweet the next. Today when we were in the car he said, "Mommy you are amazing". We signed them both up for baseball on Saturday.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas 2007

Hands down one of the best Christmases of my entire life. As long as I live, I will never forget their faces on Christmas morning when they saw that Santa had come. We had a little bit of an adventure on Christmas Eve when Ben woke up in the morning and stated, "Mommy my throast hurts. I need to go to the doctor and get medicine. " So we went and Ben was diagnosed with strep. We went to my parents house later on for Church and Christmas Eve dinner. It was great to see my brothers and Bridge. The boys loved all of their presents! We came home and read Twas the Night Before Christmas and left out our cookies for Santa. Well around 11pm Ben woke up with (according to Web MD) a night terror. He was screaming for me in his sleep. He wouldn't wake up and just cried for 10 minutes. It was pitiful. Luckily he went to bed and we didn't hear anything until around 6:15 when the boys were up and ready to see if Santa had left presents. After their mean Mommy made them take a picture in front of the stairs, they dashed into the family room to open their presents. Some of the highlights were Jack seeing his bike and Ben opening his Geo Track. Every year we do a big family present. This year we got an air hockey table. I put the pictures in a slide show format. There are also pictures of decorating the tree and making gingerbread men.