Tuesday, May 27, 2008

16 week 4 days Appointment

I had a very nice run of the mill appointment today. The baby sounds great with a heartrate in the 160s. I have gained about 3 pounds so far which is making everyone happy. We have the big ultrasound scheduled for June 20th. We have decided not to find out this time. Since this will be my third 20 week ultrasound, I am hoping the baby will be shy and not flash the goods. :)
We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend and I promise to post pictures later this week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thyroid Update

When they did my blood work when I found out I was pregnant, my thyroid levels were low. So they brought me back in for additional bloodwork since this could affect the development of the baby. Well, those levels came back lower than the first, so my midwife sent me to an Endocrinologist. Nate and I met with him on Monday of this week. He was super thorough and decided he wanted to do some additional blood work as well. He called yesterday to let me know that my levels were all within the normal range for pregnancy. He said it was normal for those levels to flucuate while pregnant. He wants me to follow up in six weeks, but he assured me that my thyroid would have no affect on the baby. Yeah!
We have a super busy weekend ahead. Jack has a baseball game tonight and if they win he has two games tomorrow along with Ben's game. My oldest brother Patrick is graduating from Law School tomorrow so Nate is in charge of baseball duty while I head up to Athens.
Have a great weekend!