Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

I had such a great Mother's Day weekend! Friday night we hung out with the kids in the cul-de-sac. On Saturday, we had to wake up bright and early for Ben's game. Since Nate is an assistant coach on Jack's team this year, I get to help out with Ben's game. He did great! It was time for Caroline's nap when we got home and the boys had some errands to run, so I got to nap with Caroline. Heavenly!! Jack played at 4 and I think it was one of his best games yet. He made a double play, caught two pop ups and had an inside the park home run!! He got the game ball. Afterwards we celebrated with the team at Dairy Queen and then we went to eat Mexican. On Sunday I got to sleep in and woke up to breakfast in bed. The boys picked out their own cards this year and they were great. Ben's played Snoopy music and Jack's made me cry. When you open the card, it has them both saying "Hi Mom, we love you. Happy Mother's Day". The boys also picked out a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. It is a beautiful heart. Nate got me a gift card to go shopping with. The only rule is that I have to get things for me (not more clothes for Caroline ;)). We went to Mass and then had a great lunch at my Mom and Dad's. Patrick and Bridget were there as well. Here are a couple pictures from the weekend. Please ignore how horrible I look in the one in bed, I just loved that moment with my kids climbing all over me that I had to document it. Look who is sitting up like a big girl! (And drooling all over the place!)

First Spend the Night Party

Earlier this month, the boys went to their first spend the night party. It was Logan's birthday and he decided to have a spend the night party. I told Ben that he could come home at any time if he didn't want to spend the whole night. But he stayed and hung out with the big kids. Darby set up fun stations in the basement for them-- a wii station, a golf station, a tv/movie stattion and (Ben's favorite) a food station. At the beginning of the party Ben came upstairs and asked if he could have a cupcake from the food station. Darby told him that the food was for the party and that he didn't have to ask, he could have whatever he wanted. When she went down to check on him, he gave her a huge grin and said that he had 10 mini cupcakes! Sadly, during the party one of their fish died so the kids had a fish funeral. As you can tell from the picture the kids are really torn up about it. ;) They ended up staying up until midnight. Thankfully they both napped the next day. I didn't like the empty house, but it was nice to know they were next door. While they were gone Nate took Caroline and I out for sushi. It is so much easier to go out to eat with one versus three!