Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dancing with Wolves

Every year since college, my girlfriends and I take a beach trip. Well this year we decided once a year was not enough, we needed a winter weekend away as well. So we packed up Katie's car and all six of us road together to Charleston to see our other friend Katie. Upon arrival in Charleston, Kelly directed us to the perfect roof top patio that overlooks the city. We were relaxing, catching up, pondering if beer was organic when out of nowhere he appears. KEVIN COSNER sits at the table next to us. Whenever I dream of meeting celebrity, I always thought I would say something witty and they would think I was hilarious and we would become best friends. In real life I turn into a giggling school girl. All six of us hop on our cell phones and debate who is going to ask him for a picture. Well then we got to experience the downfall of being a celebrity. People kept coming up to him every two seconds to say something ridiculous. We decided to take the high road and not ask for a picture. HIndsight being twenty-twenty, who cares if he thought we were annoying? I would have a picture to show my grandkids (and frame to hang in my bedroom). The rest of the weekend was perfect. Katie and her husband made us the best breakfast and we saw the sights of Charleston: The Battery, Rainbow Row and the beach. They have the best house, close to downtown and the beach. Thanks again Katie and Joey for having us (even if you wouldn't let me talk to Richard from The Real Deal. I tell you what, Charleston is like the Hollywood of the East)

"There's No Crying in Baseball"

Ben had his first t-ball practice on Saturday. He doesn't have quite the enthusiasm Jack has for sports ;)He is playing in the same league as Jack, but in the 3-4 year old group. The coach pitches to them twice and if they miss both of those then they can hit from the tee. Both boys are on the Cubs this year, which makes dressing for Saturdays much easier.

The Greatest Show on Earth

We were lucky enough to get tickets (Thanks Ann and Rob!) to the circus this weekend. We have been to a couple smaller ciruses since the kids were born, but nothing compared to this. They actually shot someone out of a cannon! In the pictures below, you will see Ben's new favorite toy. He calls it his Megazord. He seriously has the best imagination ever.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hey Now You're an All-Star...

Jack and Nate were very lucky and got to go to the NHL All Star Game that was here in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. My boss was able to get them pretty good seats. Jack got to meet several mascots and got tons of really cool stuff. He has really gotten into sports recently. We took him to a Hawks game last month and he is now their biggest fan.


The boys had such a blast in the snow. Let me rephrase that. Jack had a blast in the snow and Ben had had a blast drinking hot chocolate inside with Mommy after 5 minutes in the snow. Mr. Derek constructed a sled out of a boggie board and RubberMaid container. The kids had so much fun going down the hill in our backyard. Ben when down once and it flipped onto the side. I thought he was going to start crying but he thought it was hysterical.